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A Web3 protocol on the

2nd layer of Hive

The Posh token is a working solution that encourages and rewards promotion of Web3 content on Web2 social media

HIVE social media:

You only need your Web2 account and Hive account to sign up.

What is Posh Token?

Creating value by promoting Hive on web2 social media networks

Posh is an application with its own token that stands for "proof of sharing", it exists on hive-engine's 2nd layer on the Hive blockchain and its purpose is to incentivize sharing of Hive content on social networks such as Twitter.

The POSH token rewards yo for sharing Hive content on #web2. If you include a Hive post link in a tweet and add the #hive tag the bot will automatically share your tweet under the Hive post you shared.

How does Posh Token work?

Choose a HIVE post

Copy a link to a Hive post you want to promote from any Hive front-end and link it to a Tweet.

Earn tokens

It is necessary that the Tweet with the post link has interaction in order to generate Posh token.

Depending on your tweet's performance, you compete against other sharers that day for the POSH token reward pool.

Prepare for the Future

We are in the era of tokenized communities and the Posh token project is an easy way to be part of one.

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